We met in 2015 as directors of a social enterprise and found that we loved creating together. Our creative skills are complementary, as Ashlie is a florist who has artistic flair and a distinct style and Lynn loves working with wood, images and words.

Ashlie had access to a supply of scaffolding boards, Lynn’s husband had a supply of tools and so Akasha Artisan was born. The name Akasha is variously perceived in different Eastern religions as the sky, or the essence of all things in the material world. It is thought to fill the space between atoms and is considered ethereal and mysterious. For us, it reminds us to open our minds and explore the spaces between what already exists and what can be created. It reminds us to bring different elements together in our creations. Our logo was designed in 2012 by Steve Cooper from Spitting Lizard Ltd and the circle represents the encompassing nature of Akasha. Steve has expanded his work into the reflective clothing industry with Zhoodz.

We make products that create something beautiful using recycled materials as much as possible. We are part of the mend, repair and repurpose movement, changing the way we use our planet’s resources. We create pieces that take something old and worn and give it new life. We enjoy the process of sanding a piece of wood to unearth its character and using colour, shapes and images to repurpose it into artistic treasures that enhance the spaces that people live in around the world.

Our Akasha Artisan website also stocks Fair Trade products as we believe in artisans around the world getting a fair price for the products they create. Occasionally, we stock pieces that other people have made, especially if they are made by people who don’t have the skills or the time to market their pieces online. These items supplement our handmade products and allow us to spend time sourcing materials, learning different techniques and constantly improving and developing our range.

We will make boards to order, for example our football boards can be tailored to any team’s colours or we can decoupage a collage of images onto a coat hanger or board. We are experimenting with transferring photos to our boards and working with different fonts so we can offer a personalised service for births, weddings, anniversaries and other memories.

Please contact us here if you are an artist or crafter who wants to talk to us about adding your items to our website. We love working with other artisans and helping you reach a wider audience.

Now you’ve found out a bit about why we do what we do, why don’t you explore our shop by clicking here.

Ashlie and Lynn