How we make our scaffold boards ready to paint

Our scaffold boards come straight from building sites. They are the boards that are cut to size for a specific job so they aren’t full boards that the builders can use on other jobs.

When we take possession of them they are dusty, dirty and in dire need of a good clean.

Before we clean them, we cut them up into the sizes we want to work with. Lynn cuts the boards to size with a saw. We use a variety of sizes but try to keep them to under 45cm as we enjoy working with smaller sizes.

Once they have been cut to size we clean them using hot water and a cloth and then they are ready for sanding.

Sanding is a subjective thing and part of the creative process. We sand some of the boards until they are smooth with rounded edges and we just give other boards a quick sanding to take the rough edges off so people don’t get splinters when they handle them. These boards look more rustic and work well with other materials such as wire, glass and nails. We paint on the smoother boards as the grain is easier to work with.

After the sanding process, we start painting, stenciling or decorating. Ashlie is the better artist and her floral designs are fab. Lynn focuses on decoupage and painting stenciled designs. She’ looking at the best ways to transfer images to the boards so we can build up a personalised offer.

When we’re happy with our design we varnish the board and fix the drawer knob or hooks onto it and then it’s ready to be uploaded to our Akasha Artisan website.

We’ve just found a supply of coat hangers that we’re painting and doing decoupage on. These will be turned into beautiful, decorated jewellery and plant hangers that will be added to the website during April.


Ashlie and Lynn


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